Between the Most Demanding Business Cultures


  • Find the optimal way for Your business success in North-Eastern Asia.
  • Establish, expand or turn-around Your business beyond expectations.
  • Create stakeholder relations to personal and mutually trustful levels resulting in customer-loyalty and repeat business.
  • Manage P&L, sales, target setting, product specification, design, production/quality/projects, logistics and purchasing.
  • Roll up the sleeves and lead the team by example to extra-ordinary achievements, initiative and team-unity.


  • According to, Mika is a decisive, creative influencer: Forward-thinking, ambitious, and spontaneous with a natural aversion to rigid structure. Also descriptions such as project confidence, boldness, influential, persuasive, charming, charismatic and ambitious are mentioned.
  • Deeply customer-oriented international business leader applying the best practices of Asian and Western businesses.
  • The skill and charisma to build long-lasting customer/representative relations and highly motivated teams.
  • From the first year managed a remarkable business increase and achieved profitability in every operation.
  • Spear-headed the APAC growth in five years from 8 to 50 MUSD business from the smallest to the biggest sales region of the company.
  • Developed a 150 MUSD internal purchase unit into a 300 MUSD external sales, purchase and sourcing operation.
  • Increased the sales of one product family from 3 to 10 MUSD making the region the biggest single market globally.
  • Established a new company and achieved market leadership by wiping out both domestic and foreign competitors.
  • Efficiently managed and supported a sales/support network of over 100 people.
  • Covered a variety of functions: designer, regional sales and customer support management, country management, unit president, consultant.
  • Accumulated a wide business experience: electric/electronic design, heavy machinery, mineral processing equipment, engineering services, component purchasing and sourcing, manufacturing services, wireless telecom equipment, consulting.
  • Involved in business in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, USA and most European countries.


  • Sales channel, customer and account development and management.
  • Strategy and business plan build-up and execution.
  • New operation and business establishment and growth.
  • Reengineering/revitalizing existing businesses and business partnerships.
  • Proactive and consultative feature sales instead of reactive discount sales.
  • Management of all business functions, including P&L and project management.
  • Bridge-building in cross-cultural business environment including issue resolution.
  • Team establishment, management and motivation.
  • Presentation, negotiation and deal closing.
  • English (fluent), Finnish (native), German and Swedish (business), Japanese (conversational), Korean (basic).